My Holiday

First day in holiday i went to Majalengka with my family. We went there because we did Maulid Nabi there. First day, we had Maulid Nabi in my grandma from my mother’s house. And the second day, we went to my grandma from my father’s house, and we did Maulid Nabi there. It was really special for me, because i can meet my cousins, and i was very happy. I was cycling with my cousins, but we had an accident, my cousin’s skirt got in to the wheel. So our cycle didn’t work well, and there was many people who will help us. After that, we went back home. Next day, i went back to Bandung, i was sleeping from Majalengka to Bandung, and after arrived i went to my bed and slept because i got headache. Next day, i had movie marathon with my cousins, we watch so many movies. On my New Year Eve my family and i had movie marathon again, we watched Pixels, The Conjuring, and Ladda Land. At about 11 p.m we grilled some fishes.

On New Year or 1st January, my family and i went to Floating Market in Lembang, we arrived at 10 a.m and there was so many people. Fortunately we got the parking area. Then we got in to the place, and 1 person will got 1 voucher, and we can change it to a drink, i choosed milo because i like it. Then, my father change the money to coins, because there use coins not money, we bought Satay, Otak-otak, and Bakpao. After that we went back home and there was so crowded in Lembang. After arrived, my cousins and i had movie marathon again. I bought so many new movies. Next day, my family and i went to Dusun Bambu, i bought Pempek Lenggang and it’s so delicious, i like it. Then, from Dusun Bambu, my family and i dropped my cousin to his house, because in the next day he had a class, the we went back home. And to be honest, i always sleep on my way.

On the last 3 days in holiday, my mom, dad, and i went to Batam, we went there on Thursday. First day in there, we went to a mall called BCS (maybe, i forget). I stayed on a hotel which far from the city, it’s like on the jungle. But, the hotel room is really cool, and we can see Singapore from there. I saw Marina Bay from my room. And i think it was a beautiful night. Unfortunately, in the next day we checked out from the hotel and went to another hotel. Before went to hotel, we went to Belerang bridge, and went to Melayu beach, we past about 4 bridges to get there. After that, we went to the hotel to checked in, if i let you know, my hotel is near from a mall, so we can go to the mall everytime we want. But, i always watched some videos on the TV, because the Tv can opened the youtube. Next day, i went to Bandung and spend my last holiday at house.