hi guys, i want to tell you something about my school’s arts and cultural festival. It named Gamarvani, the theme of the legend of West Java, namely Nyi Anteh with a legend full of cliches and drama.

I’ve heard about it a month ago, i was so happy to heard that. The event of Gamarvani was in 19th of September, 2015. And tickets were sold for about 3 weeks before the event, they sold the presale 1 and the price is Rp35.000, at that time i had to queue with my friends to get the presale 1, unfortunately i didn’t get it. So i was queuing (again) with my friends to get the presale 2, and the price rises to Rp40.000 , and i got it. My friends from my Junior High School asked me to buy them the tickets, but of course they would replace the money. So i bought it for them.

Gamarvani placed at Lapang Bali, near from my school. In the morning held a parade around the streets surrounding, we were wearing Sundanese clothes namely Kebaya and Pangsi.

it’s a picture of me with my friends when the parade.

After parade, I went home and returned to the event after i took a rest at home. I back to Gamarvani again with my friends, in there i met another friends and we took some pictures. My friend and i bought “kabut salju” it’s an ice cream served with various toppings. In Gamarvani there are so many stands of food. And i can met my old friends in there.

I have some photos of me with my Junior High School’s friends. 

it’s me with my friends.


with the girls.


In the evening we watched Adera performing 

 we watched him from afar, because its very difficult to be in the front row.

After Adera perfomed, we watched HiVi!, when they came to the stage, people became very crowded. It’s because their performances were really awaited. But when Hivi! were performing, my friends had to go, so i watched HiVi! alone:(   

it’s when HiVi! were performing.

After watched HiVi! I went home. So it is my story in Gamarvani. Thankyou. :)x