It is me

hi guys, i’m here to introduce myself..

My fullname is Lora Purnama Maulani and you can call me Lora😊, i was born in Majalengka, 27th of April,2000. My father’s name is Muhammad Yuyun Istakori, he is working in an insurance, and my mother’s name is Kotimah, she is a housewife. I have 2 older brothers, the oldest one is Rio Satya Pratama, he is working in a bank, and the second is Ray Kresnandi, he is still finishing his study in UNPAS.

My hobbies is listen to the music, read some book, play games, and many more. I like pizza so much😆 and everywhere i eat, i usually drink sweet iced tea. I like black & white colors. I like travelling.

When i was in elementary school i had to move school, because of my father. So i moved to Bandung, i was school in SDN Nilem Bandung, first day at school i was so nervous because meet new friends, i don’t like it. At school, i told my mother don’t leave me alone because i didn’t have friends before. Time after time i was finally able to adapt. I was studying here for 3 years, and graduated on 2012.

After that, i went to SMPN 13 Bandung for study. Just like the first time i moved in elementary school, it was so hard to adapt. But it didn’t like before, i found my new friends quickly. I have my best friends, they are Daisy, Denira, Hasna, Nadhira, Rinanda, Salwa, and Sheila. They are fun, and i love them! x. I had graduated on 2015 and then i go to SMAN 3 Bandung for study. Here, i want to be smarter, want to be more dilligent, should have more friends than before. And i want to see my parents proud of me😊. After study in here, i want to continue my studies in ITB, UNPAD, or if i can, i want to go to other country for study, and for travelling😁. And i want to be a success girl! I want to travel the world with my family someday.

I think it’s enough about me. Sorry for my english. :)x


 This is the photo of me and my family😊 


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