Dialogue : Complimenting

Rosa : Hey, Lora. What’s up ?

Lora : Hi, Rosa. It’s been a long time since the last time we met. 

Rosa : Btw, what a nice watch you have !

Lora : Oh, thank you. My dad bought it for me last week. 

Rosa : It has a nice colour ! I like it. 

Lora : Thanks. I like yours too. Who bought it for you ?

Rosa : Thanks, Lora. My mom bought it for me three months ago. 

Lora : You look gorgeous with your watch on. It suits you just right. 

Rosa : Thank you so much, Lora. I have to go, it’s nice to see you. 

Lora : It’s nice to see you too. Bye, Rosa !

Rosa : Bye, Lora !


My New Friend

hello i’m back.. i want to introduce my new friend

Her name is Cendy Caesarianty, i usually call her Cendy. She was born in Batam, on January 4th, 2000. She has two sisters, the oldest is Caesilia, she was graduated from Padjajaran University. And the older one is Chesire, she is a student in SMAN 20 Bandung. Cendy is very smart, i met her since i study in SMAN 3 Bandung.

She likes reading, listening to music, and swimming. When she was in elementary school, she was afraid of swimming, but now she likes swim. Her favorite food is satay, and drink is strawberry juice, she likes green color, her favorite music is pop, and her idol is Vidi Aldiano. I think it’s enough, sorry if there’s some mistakes. :)x

  this is the photo of her family (she is wearing glasses)

It is me

hi guys, i’m here to introduce myself..

My fullname is Lora Purnama Maulani and you can call me Lora😊, i was born in Majalengka, 27th of April,2000. My father’s name is Muhammad Yuyun Istakori, he is working in an insurance, and my mother’s name is Kotimah, she is a housewife. I have 2 older brothers, the oldest one is Rio Satya Pratama, he is working in a bank, and the second is Ray Kresnandi, he is still finishing his study in UNPAS.

My hobbies is listen to the music, read some book, play games, and many more. I like pizza so much😆 and everywhere i eat, i usually drink sweet iced tea. I like black & white colors. I like travelling.

When i was in elementary school i had to move school, because of my father. So i moved to Bandung, i was school in SDN Nilem Bandung, first day at school i was so nervous because meet new friends, i don’t like it. At school, i told my mother don’t leave me alone because i didn’t have friends before. Time after time i was finally able to adapt. I was studying here for 3 years, and graduated on 2012.

After that, i went to SMPN 13 Bandung for study. Just like the first time i moved in elementary school, it was so hard to adapt. But it didn’t like before, i found my new friends quickly. I have my best friends, they are Daisy, Denira, Hasna, Nadhira, Rinanda, Salwa, and Sheila. They are fun, and i love them! x. I had graduated on 2015 and then i go to SMAN 3 Bandung for study. Here, i want to be smarter, want to be more dilligent, should have more friends than before. And i want to see my parents proud of me😊. After study in here, i want to continue my studies in ITB, UNPAD, or if i can, i want to go to other country for study, and for travelling😁. And i want to be a success girl! I want to travel the world with my family someday.

I think it’s enough about me. Sorry for my english. :)x


 This is the photo of me and my family😊